Cable and Board-Mount

Working quietly in the background, often under extreme and demanding conditions, our connectors can be found in mission-critical systems where total reliability is required.  Various contact sizes meet MIL-DTL-32139, MIL-DTL-83513, and MIL-DTL-55302. Contact spacing options include 0.025 inches, 0.050 inches, 0.075 inches and 0.100 inches.

HD4 Series

Contact Spacing: 0.0315" (0.8mm)

The HD4 open-pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high-speed, high-density, signal-integrity in 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial bus applications.
SIZES: 4 rows, 7 columns (28 contacts)
TERMINATIONS: Press-fit, paste-in-hole, jumper cable

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