Founded in 1958, AirBorn began manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace industries. Throughout the years, our customer base expanded to include commercial applications in fields such as medical technology and commercial aviation. Today, we are proud to be well-known for our value-added services and the quality of the products we supply to a wide variety of industries.
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Commercial aerospace applications demand high reliability under the extreme environmental conditions of 30,000 feet.
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Whether it be geophysical or renewable, capturing energy resources requires rugged, durable equipment. AirBorn connectors have been designed to withstand extreme conditions without sacrificing performance.
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Time is money.  When your plant isn't functioning at peak levels, production is lost.  AirBorn quality parts will keep your plant humming and your bottom line secure.
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High-tech instrumentation is only as good as its components.  Our high-speed, signal-integrity connectors and sub-assemblies are important pieces of any precision-based application.
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Medical personnel rely on their equipment to perform when an emergency strikes.  AirBorn quality ensures the level of reliability required in this life-saving and ever-evolving industry.
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Military & Defense

Providing support to the defense industry requires high-reliability, top-quality products for mission-critical applications.
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Space Exploration

AirBorn has been designing and manufacturing high-reliability interconnect solutions for satellites, spacecrafts and exploratory rockets for over 40 years.
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