Military & Defense

Providing support to the defense industry requires high-reliability, top-quality products for mission-critical applications.

Our quality and commitment to the highest standards of testing are the results of successful defense applications that endure extreme conditions and are part of life-saving missions.


Military Connectors

M Series logo Military Part Number:M83513
N Series logo Military Part Number:M32139
R Series logo Military Part Number:M55302
W Series logo Military Part Number:M55302
We work hard to provide mission-critical reliability for your most demanding Mil/Aero appplications.  Many AirBorn products are certified compliant with military part numbers.

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Rugged Connectors For When Failure isn't an Option

Military and Defense applications require the most rugged & reliable connectors imaginable because failure is simply not an option. Connectors that can withstand extreme temperature variations, high vibration, impact, and G-forces. At AirBorn, dependability begins where the pin and sockets meet: the contact system. Our contact systems utilize multiple contact points — a key differentiating factor between truly rugged & reliable connectors and less reliable, “commercial-grade” connectors.

Styles & Configurations

We have a wide variety of form factors to choose from including rectangular, micro-D, nano-D, circular, interposers, and strip connectors. Multiple termination options are available for board, flex circuit, panel, and cable installations. Our wide range of body materials and mounting and mating hardware options allow customers to configure the exact connector for your design — over 100 million possible configurations!

High-Speed, High-Vibration & Temperature Extremes

Progressively, design engineers are looking for interconnects that accommodate high-speed data rates while still enduring harsh battle conditions. At AirBorn, dedicated engineering teams design and optimize our military connectors & cables for superior signal integrity, away from the highly-controlled environs of a data center and front-and-center on the battlefield.


Still can’t find what you need? Talk to us — we have a team of application and design engineers equipped to develop solutions to tackle any interconnect challenges.

At AirBorn, we pride ourselves on our customer service and superior product quality.  Here is what our customers are saying about us:

"AirBorn Flexible Circuits, Inc. has developed into one of my premier suppliers mainly due to their Engineering expertise, willingness to help with the development of new designs, and their attitude towards always doing whatever it takes to get me the material I need when I need it."   See the full text here >>

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Standard Products

AirBorn offers hundreds of standardized parts that can be sorted by military specification.

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Custom Solutions

AirBorn has decades of experience providing custom solutions when “standard” products will not suffice.

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