Space Exploration

Industry-leading companies like NASA, Raytheon, Thales and Lockheed-Martin rely on the quality and reliability of our innovative interconnect solutions to ensure their systems work in the most harsh and demanding environments.

AirBorn components are a part of many historical space applications. Beginning with the Apollo missions and extending into the Voyager I & II space vehicles, Space Shuttles, International Space Station, Hubble TelescopeMars Rovers and innumerable Earth-orbiting satellites. Customers trust AirBorn products and have since our inception in 1958.

From deep sea to deep space, our innovative interconnect, value add & box build solutions are chosen by leading companies in space exploration to operate their most critical systems, in the most hostile environments.

Rugged & Reliable Interconnects

AirBorn’s W-Series, R-Series, M-Series Micro D & N-Series nano connector families have all been launched aboard vehicles into the vastness of space — but the list won’t end there. Our high-speed verSI family, ideal for high-vibration signal integrity applications, is being designed into future missions as too will our Series 360® circular interconnect family.

Key features and materials used in our interconnect design which make them ideal for the severities of space exploration include:

  • All of our assemblies meet NASA’s out-gassing specifications
  • Pure tin is never used in assemblies destined for space applications
  • Our interconnects feature ruggedized, multi-point contacts for extreme environments
  • Our interconnects are designed to withstand the rigors of not only space flight but launching, landing and operating in worlds beyond our own.

    Custom Cable Assemblies

    AirBorn’s custom designed cables, utilizing our product and technology, meet rigorous space-rating requirements emphasizing quality, reliability and higher levels of performance. AirBorn provides design-in support to meet the high demands of the space market, while supporting all testing and program management endeavors.

    We test our cable assemblies to certify total dependability. Tests include: data transmission simulations, vector network analyzation (up to 50Gbps) to correlate simulation data to actual performance, in-circuit probing testing for post-production assemblies and PCB design/fabrication for validation of assemblies and components.

    AirBorn manufacturing operators are space exploration market.

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