Cable Assemblies

and Wire Harnesses

AirBorn will design and assemble cable and wiring harnesses for your custom interconnect requirement. From simple 2-wire harnesses to PCB-integration, RF to fiber optic, discrete to double-ended processing.  We delivery value built-in; offering customers a complete vertically-integrated solution. 

microSI Series

Contact Spacing: 0.070" (1.778mm)

A rugged Micro-D connector designed for high-speed/signal-integrity applications (up to 10 GB) and flexibility by supporting 1X, 4X, and 8X 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial buses. (MIL-83513 qualified contact system with metal shells.)
SIZES: 23 pins, 4DP +9SB up to 65 pins, 18DP +9SB
TERMINATIONS: stranded wire, surface-mount

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