3 Row Crimp Removable Panel Mount Connector (RECEPTACLE)

RK32, Crimp Removable Panel Mount Receptacle Power Connector, 3-Row, Sizes: 25 | RocKet Series

A family of female panel mount power connectors that have three rows of contacts spaced at 0.150".  These connectors come with crimp removable termination and are available with 25 contacts.

RocKet Material Specifications
ContactsBeCu, per ASTM-B196, ASTM B 197/B 197M
Contact FinishGold plate per ASTM B 488-, SAE AMS 2422, or localized finish per MIL-C-55302
Shells/HoodsAluminum Alloy 6061-T6 per QQ-A-250/11 or 6061-T6511 per QQ-A-200/8
Aluminum Shell FinishNone - as specified by part number
Electroless Nickel per SAE AMS-C-26074, Grade B, Class 3
Electrodeposited Cadmium per SAE AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 3
Molded InsulatorsGlass filled polphenylene sulfide per MIL-M-24519, Type GST-40F
EmbedmentInsulating Compound per MIL-I-16923
HardwareCorrosion resistant steel per ASTM-A484/ASTM-484M and ASTM-A582/A582M, Passivated per ASTM-A967, SAE AMS-QQ-P-35
Connector MarkingsContact numbers are stamped on the side of the connector. Numbers are stamped on the low-numbered side only on 2- and 3-row right-angle connectors.
TolerancesUnless otherwise specified:
Fractions = ± 1/64"
Decimals = ± 0.010"
Angles = ± 5°
RocKet Performance (Reference MIL-C-55302)
Contact RatingRK2-8 AWG (42 amperes)
RK3-16 AWG (13 amperes)
RK4-20 AWG (5 amperes)
RK6-24 AWG (3 amperes)
Operating Temperature-65° to +125° C or -85° to +257° F
CategoryRequirementsTest Method Per: SAE AS 13441
Test Voltage750 V, RMS, 60 Hz @ sea level
250 V, RMS, 60 Hz @ 70,000 feet
Insulation Resistance5,000 megohms minimum @ 500 VDC per#3003
Durability500 connector mating cycles 
VibrationMated connectors, Test Condition III#2005
ShockMated connectors, Test Condition B#2004
Salt SprayMated connectors, Test Condition G#1001
HumidityTest type II, except steps 7A and 7B not required#1002
Temperature CyclingMated connectors, Test condition A#1003
Contact Resistance.015 ohms max (interface measurement) @ 3 amperes#3004
Contact Engagement/SeparationRK2-8 AWG 160 oz. max. engagement, 4 oz. min. separation
RK3-16 AWG 30 oz. max. engagement, 3 oz. min. separation
RK4-20 AWG 18 oz. max. engagement, 0.7 oz. min. separation
RK6-24 AWG 6 oz. max. engagement, 0.5 oz. min. separation
OutgassingThe entire connector assembly shall have maximum total mass loss (TML) of 1.0 percent of the original specimen mass and shall have a maximum volatile condensable material (VCM) content of 0.1 percent of the original specimen mass.

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