Right Angle PCB Connector (FEMALE)

VSRAF, Right Angle, PCB Connector, Female, 4-10 Rows, 10-50 Columns | verSI Series

VSRAF connectors are used in right angle PCB mount applications where a female interface is required. Termination styles include press fit, paste-in-hole or plated thru hole. Guide hardware is an option. 

Materials and Finishes
Pin Contacts Phos bronze per ASTM B103 or per BeCu ASTM B768 (press-fit contact)
Contact Finish Localized gold finish per ASTM B488 over nickel per ASTM B689 Type I
Molded Insulators Glass-filled liquid crystal polymer (LCP) per ASTM D5138
Hardware Stainless steel per ASTM A582/A582M, or ASTM A320; passivated per ASTM A967, SAE AMS-QQ-P-35

Contact Rating 2 amperes maximum
Operating Temperature -55° C to 125° C
Min. Contact Wipe 1.27 mm (0.050”)
Contact Normal Force 35–40 grams
Max Recommended Voltage 200 V, RMS, 60 Hz
Insulation Resistance 5,000 megaohms minimum @ 500 VDC
Durability 2500 connector mating cycles
Sinusoidal Vibration 20 g (EIA-364-28, condition IV)
Shock 50 g (EIA-364-27, condition E)

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