The Smallest Rugged Active Optical Cable

AirBorn's RAOC® offers the benefits of fiber optic cabling with the ease of copper. There's no need to clean, polish or otherwise maintain the fiber; it's all done for you at the factory, making the RAOC the ideal fiber solution for rugged and harsh environments.

We engineered these fiber cable assemblies with Military and Commercial Aviation applications in mind but their practical uses extend into many industries.

What is an Active Optical Cable

An Active Optical Cable (AOC) uses a traditional copper connector and converts the signal into a fiber optic signal to boost data speeds and range while saving a significant amount of weight and space. Essentially, copper at the connectors and fiber in between.

Military Fiber Optic Connectors

These connectors go where normal fiber optics can't. From the battlefield to the cockpit, AirBorn's RAOC delivers high speed data in a rugged, easy to install cable assembly.

The RAOC is designed to install and uninstall quickly anywhere and in any conditions. There's no time consuming method to clean or polish fiber.

Military Helicopter Touches down amid a sea of dust
commercial airliner cockpit

Commercial Aerospace Solutions

Modern commercial airliners are packed with up to 100 miles of wiring. AirBorn's RAOC provides high speeds over long distances and significant weight and space reductions compared to traditional copper cabling.

The RAOC platform allows OEMs to design a single product and use copper cables in smaller airframes or fiber in larger airframes. The design-level flexibility delivers maximum efficiency to both the OEM and end customer. 

Safe and Connected

More Data. Less Weight.

RAOC delivers the high speeds modern applications demand while reducing the amount of cabling required, saving weight and engineering complexity.

Connector Options