Cable Connector with Mounting Holes (PLUG)

NM23, Cable Connector with Mounting Holes, Plug, 2-Row, Sizes: 9-85 | N Series

A family of male cable connectors with optional mounting holes that all have two rows of contacts spaced at 0.025". These connectors come in sizes ranging from 9 to 85 contacts and all have crimped wire termination.

Materials and Finishes
Socket Contacts BeCu per ASTEM-B-194 or NiAg per ASTM-B-122
Pin Contacts BeCu alloy strip per ASTM-b-194
Contact Finish Gold plate per ASTM B 488, SAE AMS 2422
Shells Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 per SAE AMS-QQ-A-250/11 or 6061-T6511 per SAE AMS-QQ-A-200/8
- OR -
303 Stainless Steel per ASTM A581/A581M OR ASTM A582/A582M Passivated per SAE AMS-2700
- OR -
Titanium per SAE-AMS-T-9046
Passivated per ASTM-B-600
Aluminum Shell Finishes Electroless Nickel per SAE AMS-C-26074
- OR -
Electrodeposited Cadmium per SAE AMS-QQ-P-416
Hardware Corrosion-resistant steel per ASTM A581/A581M or ASTM A582/A582M Passivated per SAE AMS-2700
Embedment Insulating compound per MIL-I-16923
Tolerances Unless otherwise specified: Decimals = .XXX = ±.005", .XXXX = ±.0050", Angles = ±2º

Contact Rating 1 amperes maximum
Solderability Terminals (except crimp) tested in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 208
Wire Size Stranded #30 & #32 AWG or solid #30 AWG standard (consult factory for other sizes and types)
Test Voltage 250 V, RMS, 60 Hz
Operating Temperature -55º C to +125º C
Insulation Resistance 5,000 megaohms minimum @ 100 VDC
200 connector mating cycles tested in acccordance with EIA-364-09
Vibration Tested in accordance with EIA-364-28, Condition IV
Tested in accordance with EIA-364-27, Condition G
Salt Spray Mated connectors tested in accordance with EIA-364-26, Condition B
Humidity Mated connectors tested in accordance with EIA-364-31, Condition A
Thermal Shock Tested to the temperature extremes of EIA-364-32, Condition I
Contact Resistance 0.021 volt maximum drop @ 1.0 amps (.021 ohms)
Contact Engaging Force 5.0 ounce maximum, with minimum diameter test sleeve
Contact Separating Force 0.4 ounce minimum, with maximum diameter test sleeve

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