RZ Series

Contact Spacing: 0.050" (1.27mm)

The RZ family of high-density, board-to-board or flex circuit stacking applications offers users a reliable one-piece contact system.  Its solder-less interconnect is compressed under pressure between parallel, printed wiring boards or between a printed wiring board and other electronic components.
SIZES: 2–7 rows, 10–25 columns (20–175 contacts)
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Vertical Surface Mount PCB Compression Connector (Z-Axis)

RZ, Vertical Compression Connector, Heights: .100"-.350", 2-7 Rows, 10-25 Columns, Sizes: 20-175

A family of Z-axis compression connectors that have two to seven rows of contacts and 10 to 25 columns of contacts spaced at 0.050".  These connectors come in board spacing sizes of 0.100" up to 0.350".  They are available in sizes ranging from...