Vertical Surface Mount PCB Compression Connector (Z-Axis)

RZ, Vertical Compression Connector, Heights: .100"-.350", 2-7 Rows, 10-25 Columns, Sizes: 20-175 | RZ Series

A family of Z-axis compression connectors that have two to seven rows of contacts and 10 to 25 columns of contacts spaced at 0.050".  These connectors come in board spacing sizes of 0.100" up to 0.350".  They are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 175 contacts.

Materials and Finishes
Contacts BeCu C17200 per ASTM B194 (brush alloy 190)
Contact Finish Gold per ASTM B488 over nickel per SAE AMS-QQ-N-290
Molded Insulators Glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) per MIL-M-24519
Hardware Stainless steel per ASTM A582/582M, passivated per SAE AMS-2700

Contact Rating 0.5 amperes
Operating Temperature -65° C to 125° C
Insulation Resistance
5,000 megaohms minimum @ 500 VDC
Durability 50 connector mating cycles
Contact Resistance
0.25 ohms typical (contact length-dependent)
Compression Force
20-40 grams per contact having a 0.010" deflection
35-450 grams per contact having a 0.015" deflection
Contact Compression
0.010 inches per side (nominal) for 0.100" and 0.150" connector heights; 0.015" per side (nominal) for 0.200", 0.250", 0.300", and 0.350" connector heights.
Contact Wipe
~0.007" for 0.100" and 0.150" connector heights
~0.014" for 0.200", 0.250", 0.300", and 0.350" connector heights.

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