Series 360® 

Circular Connectors

Series-360 military use circular connector *Series 360 launch currently restricted to North America only.

Rugged Circular Connectors

Designed especially for military and security technologies, AirBorn’s Series 360® circular interconnect system is a supremely rugged and reliable solution. These lightweight, watertight and easy-to-clean circular connectors possess excellent EMI shielding within a compact housing. The Push/Pull locking or Quick-DeMate® functionality is ideally suited for next-generation soldier communication systems, radars, avionics, embedded computers and much more.


  • High-performance in a smaller & lighter package than D38999
  • Push/Pull & Quick-DeMate® versions available
  • Both interoperable with the same receptacle
  • Quick-Clean® version available
  • High speed versions up to 10G available
  • Optimized mechanical & color keying
  • Complete system solution
    • Board-mount connectors
    • Panel-mount connectors
    • Cable assemblies
    • Flex-circuit assemblies
  • Watertight protection class IP68 & IP69
  • Suitable for high-shock & vibration environments
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Series 360 is smaller than D38999

Military Grade Circular Connectors
Series 360® connectors were designed to surpass
rigorous military requirements — but the useful
application of Series 360® doesn't end there.
Series 360® connectors are ready to be paired with not only conventional cables but flexible circuits as well. Both options are ready for you today!
Series 360®'s spring-loaded contacts provide a rugged & reliable connection for all Quick-Clean plugs.

Military Connectors Demand Reliability

Our Series 360 line is lightweight and extremely rugged, making it perfect for the battlefield or anywhere high reliability is demanded. 

The Push Pull mating system promises a secure connection that will stay in place until it is physically disconnected.

The Quick-DeMate® connector series is perfect for wearable applications where cables and cords may get snagged by limbs or other obstacles. Instead of breaking dor damaging the cable, the connector simply demates, allowing the soldier to quickly reconnect continue on the mission. 

Engineers love the Series 360 military connector system because the mating system is interoperable. One receptacle takes either a rugged push-pull connector or our Quick-DeMate® solution.