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High Speed Micro Density Rectangular Connectors

The verSI open-pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high-speed/signal integrity applications while delivering the reliability customers have come to expect from AirBorn. verSI affords flexibility in design by offering vertical board-mount, right angle board-mount, cable I/O, and flex circuit mounting with 40 to 500 contacts.  Vertical board-mount plugs and mating vertical receptacles also support board-to-board stacking applications. Boardspacing ranges from 8mm to 25mm.

  • 4–10 rows
  • 10–50 columns (40–500 contacts)
  • Press-fit, paste-in-hole, plated thru-hole, pre-wired jumper cable and flex jumper cable terminations
  • Plastic and metal (ruggedized) body material
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Product Drawings are available in the documents section on each verSI product page.

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verSI Signal Integrity Performance White Paper

verSI Signal Integrity Performance White Paper

Signal Integrity performance test reports are available online and additional test by request.

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verSI reliability

4 Points-of-Contact

verSI connectors feature a low mating force/high-reliability contact system with four reliable points-of-contact.  It is also a very reliable and rugged mate that is sure to maintain contact under extreme vibrations.  The open-pin field design allows for flexibility in termination schemes.

Cable Assemblies

AirBorn specializes in the design, manufacturing and testing of verSI cable assemblies. Our processes have been validated to IPC 620 Class 3 for the manufacturing in critical and harsh environments such as space exploration, defense and commercial air applications. We test our cable assemblies to certify total dependability. Tests include: data transmission simulations, vector network analyzation (up to 50Gbps) to correlate simulation data to actual performance, in-circuit probing testing for post-production assemblies and PCB design/fabrication for validation of assemblies and components.