Box Builds

AirBorn is a full-service contract manufacturer with engineering services and also is a regional distributor for passive components. This combination enables AirBorn to develop complete turnkey products for our customers base. We work with the customers to develop and build prototype assemblies (cables, harnesses, PCBs, upper-level and final assemblies). We specialize in high-mix and low-quantity production lot sizes, so no opportunity is too small.

Currently on the floor, we are producing large HLA (higher-level assembly) frames. On these frames, we incorporate smaller EMAs, poly, cable, coax and fiber optic harnesses as well as special hardware configurations. We take two to four harnesses and massage them into one clean harness then feed it through sub-floors and along the frame. We manufacture a wide variety of chassis and raceways using PCB assemblies, pneumatics, fiber optics, coax and mechanical components.

  • Weidmuller rail cutter and notcher: capable of cutting various styles of rail to any length and applying a holes, slots or notches
  • 4 adjustable-height scissor lifts: used for heavy small to medium EMAs
  • Yale fork lift: used to move the large frame EMAs around the plant
  • 2-ton engine hoist: used to lift heavy transformers
  • 25+ adjustable torque wrenches and drivers
  • 2 torque driver verifiers: used to verify all torque settings before assembly

Using both AirBorn and customer-owned test equipment, we will perform an electrical test based on your customer’s specifications. AirBorn owns a wide variety of test equipment including digital oscilloscopes, power supplies and signal generators.