Cable Assembly

AirBorn's cable department can manufacture everything from hook-up jumper wire to coax to multiple-paired, multiple-jacketed cables. We have a heat tunnel with a conveyor for large-volume tube shrinking. There are 18 various machines and over 100 applicators used to crimp a wide range of terminals. We own over 200 hand tools for lower volume crimping. All crimped terminals receive either a pull test or crimp height inspection at a minimum.

  • Windows-based Label Station with five thermal transfer printers
  • Heat Tunnel – used for higher volume shrinking of tubing
  • Flat Flex – 0.100” center Flat Flex machine capable of crimping AMP solder tabs and male and female terminals
  • 12 “K” presses
  • 4 “G” presses
  • 3 Stripper crimpers
  • Schleuniger strip/crimp 750
  • 100+ Applicators for machines
  • 200+ Hand-crimping tools
  • 175+ Various dies for hand tools and applicators above
  • Schleuniger strip/crimp 750
  • Potting solutions
  • Sentinel telephone connector machine – capable of crimping several different styles and sizes
  • Alphatron wire/terminal pull tester