Whether it is wire, cable, flat cable, fiber optics, or poly tubing, our harnessing capabilities can handle just about any size or shape harness a customer could design for their application. We build anything from single discrete wires to highly-complex hybrid cable assemblies. Our 18 fully-adjustable easels can be used one at a time, in multiples, or all together. There are three extra-large easels that can handle 8’ x 32’. Customers can have their harnesses feed through conduit, Expando or braided for added protection. Complex assemblies include wire, printed circuit board assemblies, over-molding, testing and RF tuning.

  • 18 adjustable harness board easels which can be used individually, combined or all together, as needed.
  • 3 extra-large non-adjustable harness board easels capable of handling board sizes up to 8’ x 32’.
  • 4 wire braiding machines. The braiding machines can be set up to braid a single color or multiple colors of nylon spools or tinned copper.

Wire, Cable and Small Harness Testing:

Our department uses Touch One Cirris cable testers capable of testing 128 contact points. Each of the testers is expandable up to 1024 contact points by adding our additional expansion boxes. Each have the capability to hipot test up to 1000 VDC. This model Cirris tester is programmable to work with certain linear electronics such as resistors, diodes, and relays and will also test for insulation inconsistencies and break-down.

Our test department also has a hipot tester capable of testing up to 5000 volts AC or DC.

Medium to Large Harnesses:

Testing of medium to large harnesses is done using the Cirris Easy Wire test platform. Currently, this tester will test 640 contact points but is expandable up to 5376 contact points. This tester is also programmable to work with certain linear electronics, hipot test and insulation resistance.

Poly Tube Harnesses:

When the customer requires a poly tubing assembly, the test department has a vacuum pump for point-to-point testing.