Fiber Optics

Using automatic strippers, we are tooled to manufacture both simplex and duplex cables in both glass and plastic. The curing oven and programmable automatic epoxy dispenser ensures consistency from batch to batch. We have 18-cavity polishing fixtures for ST, SC and LC-style connectors. The automatic polishing machine features an orbiting motion for best results. A 400x inspection camera is next to the polishing machine for in-process inspection and a Noyes Fiber Optic Tester is used for final inspection.

  • Tooled for SC, ST and LC-style connectors and both simplex and duplex cable
  • Automatic polishing machine
  • 18 position ST, SC and LC polishing fixtures
  • 400x inspection camera
  • Automatic programmable epoxy dispenser
  • Curing oven
  • Schleuniger automatic programmable jack, Kevlar and sheath stripper
  • Noyes fiber optic tester