PC Board Room

Our PCB services include full in-line SMT assembly, thru-hole/mixed technology assembly, electro-mechanical/chassis integration, prototype and pre-production runs, and specialized rework and EC wiring. The department also features complete testing and inspection services including ICT, FCT, Checksum, AOI, and X-ray to ensure IPC-A-610 manufacturing standards and overall customer satisfaction.

PC Boardroom SMT

The SMT area features a quick changeover, highly flexible line which includes, in Akron: an EKRA E1 screen printer, QUAD QSP2 and a QUAD 4C P&P machines, dual Matrix tray holders, and a 10-zone (8 heating and 2 cooling) Vi-tronics convection reflow oven.  In Taunton: an MPM Ultraprint 2020 screen printer, two Juki KE-2020 high-speed P&P machines, a Juki Matrix tray handler for up to 30 different tray components, and a 7-zone Conceptronic convection reflow oven. Also included are 8 detachable feeder banks and a complete compliment of feeders. This allows us to have multiple setups to meet and exceed our customer’s demands.

Capabilities for each slide line are as follows:

Akron Facility Taunton Facility
CPH (components per hour) 9,000 approx. 15,000 approx.
Feeder Capacity (8 mm) 240 156
Minimum Board Size 3" x 3" 3" x 3"
Maximum Board Size 20" x 18" 20" x 18"
Board Thickness Range 0.020" = 0.150" 0.020" = 0.150"
Component Placement Range 0402 0201 - mBGA
Maximum Component Size 2.50" sqr 2.50" sqr
Minimum Lead Pitch 12mil 12mil
Minimum Ball Pitch N/A 18mil
Minimum Ball Diameter N.A 11mil

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PC Boardroom Thru-Hole/Mixed Technology

This area contains, in Akron: 2 slide lines, 2 Hepco 8000 prep machines, Vitronics Delta C wave solder system, Triton inline board washer which uses a closed DI water system to insure very clean boards with no residue, and an automated K.I.S.S. 102 selective soldering system. In Taunton: this area contains 2 contact systems, CS-400D component locators and a Novastar 18FDE wave solder system. The CS-400D systems are an excellent alternative to standard pre-wave hand insertion. These systems assist the operator by indicating the proper location and polarity (if necessary) of a component that is presented to them at that exact time. Once inserted, the component is cut and clinched per the program's specifications. Similar to SMT, multiple component trays are available for quick changeovers and flexibility.

Capabilities for each slide line are as follows: 

Akron Facility Taunton Facility
CPH (components per hour) 500 approx. 250 approx.
Component Capacity 240 90
Maximum Board Size 20" x 15" 20" x 15"
Lead Spacing Range N/A 0.100" – 1.75"

Wave Soldering

Dover and Novastar wave soldering are standard systems that can carry PCBs or palettes up to 18” wide and include a spray fluxer, which can accommodate both no-clean and water-soluble flux chemistries.

Selective Soldering

This is the process of selectively soldering components to printed circuit boards, molded modules, etc. that could be damaged by the heat of a reflow oven in a traditional SMT assembly process. Parts to be selectively soldered are most often surrounded by parts that have been previously soldered in a surface mount reflow process, and the selective solder process must be sufficiently precise in order to avoid these components so as not to damage them.

Conformal Coating

This coating provides environmental protection, protection against mechanical stress on components, as well as protection from thermal shock.  Conformal coating also helps resist abrasion in services along with increasing dielectric strength between conductors.

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PC Boardroom Inspection

Our inspection equipment consists of a high-speed YEStech 2050 and F1 AOI (automated optical inspection) systems, and a manual Genrad/Teradyne NXR-1525 X-Ray.  Top-down viewing cameras and four-sided viewing angles provide large defect coverage and solder joint inspection as well as verifying correct part assembly for both SMT and THT.  As a result, we are able to improve quality, provide real-time feedback and increase throughput.

Specifications are as follows:

CPH (components per hour) 250,000 approx.
Maximum Board Size 
22" x 20"
Maximum Component Height 2.00"
Component Inspection Range 0201 – 12mil pitch 
Defects Detected:
Position, missing, incorrect, skew, tombstone
Bent, lifted, bridging
Open, insufficient, shorts, solder balls

The Genrad/Teradyne X-ray allows for real-time, non-destructive inspection of BGAs and multilayer circuit boards. With the included rotation tray, we can move assemblies a full 360º while they are in the X-ray beam to obtain additional information about their internal characteristics.  The included software enables us to generate and analyze live images in an interactive mode where they can be manipulated, measured and annotated, then printed or stored for future use. When a visual inspection is required, AirBorn has several options. There are four Mantis inspection scopes with lenses ranging from 4x to 12x. There are also three microscopes ranging in power from 0 to 400x.

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PC Boardroom Testing

We currently offer ICT, FCT and Checksum testing to our customer base. Our ICT system, the Teradyne TS128, gives us a cost-effective, reliable test solution which allows us to directly transfer programs and fixtures from all 228X systems saving our customers thousands of dollars in additional testing development. Unpowered test capabilities for this station include shorts, vectorless opens, and analog value testing. Powered-up test capabilities include digital device vector testing, reduced access boundary scan testing, high-speed FLASH and ISP device programming, frequency and time event measurements, synchronized mixed signal device testing, and functional cluster testing. The current configuration is approximately ¾ loaded at 2048 nets, but can be upgraded to a maximum of 3840 if required.

FCT (functional testing), is usually provided by the customer, but completely supported by AirBorn in our facility.  We work directly with the customer for training, software and process updates, and yield results. This increases our customer’s in-house yields to > 98%, provides real-time feedback to manufacturing, and facilitates dock-to-stock programs with end customers.

One additional option available is our CheckSum Manufacturing Defect Analyzer, a low-cost 400 test point bench top test system integrated with a mechanical-advantage fixture receiver. This provides us the capability to quickly and easily test assemblies for common manufacturing defects such as incorrect, missing or mis-oriented components, and opens and shorts, by quickly and accurately measuring continuity, capacitors, resistors, inductors, voltages, semi-conductor junction voltages, and SMT connections for opens.

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