Wire Processing

AirBorn offers a one-stop-shop for just about all of our customers' needs. Process monitoring is integrated to ensure unsurpassed quality throughout. Our depth of experience in designing and manufacturing complex as well as basic harness assemblies is applied to each and every customer project whereby our products meet and exceed standard specifications.

AirBorn can provide you with a wide range of RF cable assemblies made to customer specifications, including:

  • Processing of RG-8 through RG-178
  • Semi-rigid cable
  • Ribbon coax
  • Solder and crimp capabilities
  • Automated 9-step stripping and diameter capabilities from 0.036 to 0.780

Custom ribbon cable assemblies are manufactured to customers’ specifications, including:

  • Jacketed and shielded
  • Custom twisted
  • Color coded
  • Non PVC
  • Split
  • Round to flat
  • Coiled
  • Braided
  • Process range from 34 AWG to 2 AWG
  • Inline splicing of components
  • Multiple stripping applications
  • Tinning
  • Simple 2-wire to complex 2000-wire
  • Lengths from 2" to 24'
  • Go-carts to MRI equipment

We build from your sample, your design prints or your sketches.

  • AirBorn has the capability to automatically cut, strip and heat-stamp solid or stranded wire from 34 AWG to 2 AWG. The wire can be partial, full, or window-stripped at any point on the wire. The rotary stripping head on the RS9500 allows the cutting and stripping of coax cable and multi-conductor up to 0.47” in diameter.  When the HS4140 is used in line with the RS9500, we have the capability to heat-stamp anywhere, or at any interval, along the wire. The cable department also can handle large (34” x 54”) spools of cable using the Wemco Cable Coiler.
  • RS9500 – Cut and strip solid and stranded wire from 32 to 4 AWG.  Partial, full, window or slit-stripping capability. Cut and strip coax and multi-conductor cable up to 0.47” in diameter. Rotary stripping head.
  • CS9100 – Cut and strip solid and stranded wire from 32 to 8 AWG. Partial and full strip.
  • HS4140 – Hot-stamp machine placed inline with the RS9500.  Wire/cable can be marked at any interval then cut and stripped. HS4140 can also be used stand-alone. This will increase the accepted cable OD from 0.47” to 0.55”. Depending on cable material, there are several different color foils that can be used.
  • Flat Ribbon and Tubing Cutter – Cuts flat ribbon, flat flex and tubing up to 3” wide.
  • Wemco Cable Coiler – Cable coiler and cutter. Capable of off-spooling a spool 34” wide x 54” tall.
  • Eraser Wire Twister – Twist multiple wires together up to 20’ long.
  • Bench Top Coax Strippers – Up to four programmable steps.
  • JS8300 – Jacket strip large gauge wire and multi-conductor cable to 1” OD. Blades also allow slitting the jacket during cable removal.
  • Multiple solder pots for tinning.