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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

AirBorn Flexible Circuits uses an automated quality management system (QMS) to ensure that the products we produce are of the highest possible quality.  The QMS has many capabilities to it and the customers that tour our facility are always impressed by the way we leverage this technology.  Below are a few of examples of the capabilities in our QMS system:

All of the functions of the QMS system are accessed directly from the dashboard.  This allows users to easily get to the information they need to perform their function.

document and data control database

Document and Data Control Database

  • Accessible electronically at all work stations.
  • Ensures that all documents (procedures, work instructions, and forms) are always the latest revision on the shop floor.
  • Tied to the individual employee training records to ensure that all shop floor employees are trained to the most recent work instructions.
  • Document approval is attained through electronic signatures.
  • Document change requests are available so that feedback from the shop floor can be incorporated back up through engineering.

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Engineering Change Requests (ECRs) / Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)

  • All ECRs and ECOs are approved electronically through authorized approvers.
  • ECRs and ECOs are easily sorted, filtered, and retrieved using a variety of attributes (date released, customer, part number, etc.)
  • Ensures that changes are implemented immediately after changes have been approved.

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Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Database

  • All assets are tracked for due dates for both calibration and maintenance.
  • Full Alert and Escalation notices are automatically generated should assets go out of calibration or if equipment is overdue for required preventative maintenance.  
  • Ensures compliance to QMS requirements.

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Supplier Approved Vendor List (AVL) and Management Database

  • Provides centralization of our company's AVL.
  • Approval of AVL is handled through automated QMS workflows.
  • Can launch supplier corrective actions (SCARs) with full alert and escalation capability should SCARs become overdue.
  • Able to perform, document, and track supplier quality audits and corrective actions electronically.

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Corrective Actions / Preventative Actions Database

  • Contains 8-D and 7 Step corrective action methodologies.
  • Full alert and escalation capabilities ensure that CARs/PARs do not go overdue.
  • Ability to assign action items to individuals that are required to be performed in order to successfully apply corrective actions.

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Internal Audit Database

  • Central databanks of all internal audit findings.
  • Ability to perform "Process Based Auditing" as per the requirements of ISO9001 and AS9100.
  • Ability to directly assign corrective and preventative actions from findings.

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Meeting Minutes Database

  • Ability to effectively manage meetings and document the Agenda and Minutes.
  • Ability to assign and track action items to meeting attendees to ensure that any required actions are completed prior to the next meeting.
  • Central database of key meeting minutes.

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