Sculptured Flex

These circuits are designed to mate with connectors that have solder cup terminations or plug directly into sockets of a female connector. They can take the place of the traditional "jumper cable" assembly that consists of two individual connectors that use cables/wires to interconnect. This results in significant cost, weight, and space savings for our customers.

Benefits of Sculptured, Flexible, Printed Circuits:

  • Built-in contacts eliminate the need to purchase connectors 
  • Integrated design reduces assembly labor costs (savings for our customers) 
  • Elimination of connector components saves weight and space and increases flexibility
  • Provides very high reliability and superior performance


Sculptured flexible circuits are a combination of single- or double-sided flex with plated through-holes (PTH) providing sculptured terminal-like pins that are built-in and extending beyond the boundary of the polyimide base material.

These circuits can mate directly with solder terminations or plug directly into female sockets with an unlimited choice of contact configurations and finishes including raised pads to interface with SMT requirements. Cost savings are realized by eliminating the need for purchasing and attaching individual pins or connectors.

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