TYPE III: Multilayer Flex

Three or more conductor layers separated by laminated dielectric usually with plated through holes (PTH) vias., providing combinations of signal, power and ground in a high-density interconnect configuration. This three-dimensional package provides the complete electronic interconnect.

Benefits of Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuits:

  • Allows for larger number of signals to be routed in the circuit
  • Provides superior signal integrity
  • Offers localized areas where stiffeners and components can be added


Multilayer flexible printed circuits feature three or more layers of conductors separated by a dielectric, usually polyimide, in which the internal conductors can be interconnected by way of plated through-holes.

As in the previous flex family members, covercoats may be used on one or both sides.

While the number of conductor layers designed into this type of flex are limitless, package size, layer count vs. flexibility must be considered during design layout to ensure ease of installation.

Typical multilayer flex circuits range from 3 to 6 layers of conductor.

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