Product Catalogs & Brochures

Below is a complete list of AirBorn product catalogs and brochures for your convenience.  You can also view catalogs and brochures when viewing specific product families.

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AirBorn's NEW, ultra-miniature circular connectors offer OEMs a lightweight, watertight and easy-to-clean circular connector option.

The W-Series products are internationally accepted and approved to MIL-55302 standard. The W-Series is the benchmark against which so many others are measured.


The R-Series products are a high-density MIL-55302-approved connector. These connectors are the standard for high-density board-to-board interconnects.


The M-Series products are approved to MIL-83513 standard. This product offers an extensive mix of termination styles and custom design capability.


Nano products are approved to MIL-32139 standard. The N-Series offers ultimate connector solution for the smallest and most demanding spaces.


The AirBorn verSI (versatile connectors with high-speed signal integrity) open-pin field product line is designed to meet the requirements for high-speed/high-density/signal integrity 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial bus applications while still delivering the reliability customers have come to expect from AirBorn.


Airborn offers a full range of integrated flexible circuit services comprising design, DFm, DFt, prototypes, production manufacturing, hand and automated assembly, and testing.


A Micro-D, multi-gigabit high-speed connector, designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513, where applicable. This rugged connector system is designed to handle LVDS serial bus signals like IEEE 1394, Ethernet, serial rapid IO, etc.  It has a range from one to ten high-speed modules and up to fifty signal contacts making it ideal for most high-reliability applications.


MicroSI delivers flexibility by design, offering vertical board mount, right angle board mount, and cable I/O configurations supporting 1X, 4X, and 8X 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial buses. Its balanced design limits skew within pairs. The MIL-DTL-83513 (Micro-D) qualified contact system and metal shells ensure ruggedness and durability for all high-speed/signal integrity applications.



The AirBorn stackable compliant connector family is one of AirBorn’s solutions for high-density, board-to-board stacking applications. This connector family is available in 0.075” contact spacing and 100 Ω and 85 Ω differential serial buses.

  • Wide variety of standard pin/tail lengths accommodate any board-to-board spacing
  • 0.075” contact spacing
  • Reliable “eye of the needle”-compliant section design eliminates soldering
  • BeCu contacts (special high-conductivity, high-temperature alloy)
  • Very robust socket contact (low-stress design)
  • Individually repairable contacts

The RZ family of high-density, board-to-board or flex circuit stacking applications is unique, offering users a reliable one-piece contact system.  Its solderless interconnect is compressed or “sandwiched” under pressure between parallel printed wiring boards or between a printed wiring board and other electronic components such as an IC or multi-chip module.