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AirBorn Presenting & Exhibiting at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Microelectronics Workshop 32

by Patrick Tolbert | Oct 15, 2019

Fiber Optical Cables for Space
GEORGETOWN, TEXAS -- AirBorn, Inc. will introduce it's Space-Rated Active Optical Cable, or SAOC®, during the 32nd Micro Electronics Workshop hosted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Jason Smith, Senior Director of Technology Development, will address the needs for higher speed among space applications during a presentation at the workshop. He will cover the development and testing process needed to ensure a rugged, space-rated fiber optical transceiver to bring design engineers the benefits of fiber with the ease of use of a copper cable.


AirBorn, Inc. will join Riken Dengu Seizo Co.,Ltd., our distributor in Japan, in the exhibition hall where the SAOC®, along with AirBorn's full line of space-rated interconnects will be on display. 

About MEWS32

Hosted by JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Microelectronics Workshop will explore Electronic components as the trump card to new space activity during it's 32nd workshop.

The workshop will beheld October 23-24 at the Tsukuba International Congress Center in Japan. Registration information is available here. 

About the Space-Rated Active Optical Cable

Increasing data requirements on spacecraft are driving the need for high-speed, on-board networks. The trend is fueled by technology improvements in avionics modules and payload instruments such as advanced optical sensors that generate high-resolution data. Prior to transmitting information back to Earth with high-gain antennas via an RF communications downlink, large volumes of data are sent over the local network from instruments to on-board storage used as a buffer.

A critical component of these satellite networks is the high-bandwidth cable carrying data signals between modules. As data rates and demands for more real-time transmission rise, there is a need for reliable, high-speed cable solutions that outperform traditional links like serial copper coaxial cable. As a result, spacecraft designers are exploring alternatives like high-speed fiber optic transmission cables. 

Unlike conventional fiber optic cables, which consist of optical fibers terminated by optical connectors, an AOC is an optical fiber with electrical connectors at each end. Inside of the electrical connectors are optical transceivers that convert electrical signals to optical signals and vice versa. An AOC receives electrical signals over an electrical interface, converts those signals to optical signals, transmits the optical signals over an optical fiber, reconverts the optical signals to electrical signals and outputs the electrical signals over another electrical interface. Learn More »

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