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COVID-19 Advisory

by Michael Cole | Mar 15, 2020

To:                      All AirBorn Customers and Suppliers

From:                 Michael Cole, President & Chief Operating Officer

Date:                  March 23, 2020

Subject:             COVID-19 Announcement

The health and safety of our employee owners, their families, and our customers is of the utmost importance.  As the Global spread of COVID-19 continues, we continue to follow guidance from the CDC, WHO and local, state and federal regulatory agencies to make the best informed decisions we can and take the right actions to help prevent the spread of the virus.

AirBorn has facilities throughout the United States and internationally. At this time several States have required that non-essential businesses cease operations. In all cases, AirBorn has been exempted from stopping operations, and instead determined to be essential under each State’s parameters.

In addition, AirBorn supports many Defense Priority Allocation System (“DPAS”) rated orders for the critical defense industrial base. These classifications require AirBorn continue its operations to meet these critical national security needs.

We are staying in close contact with our customers and suppliers, sharing information with each other and keeping communication lines open. It is impossible to forecast the impact of COVID-19, but we agree if everyone can take extra measures to keep the impact minimized and short-lived, the better! At this time, we see no significant impact on AirBorn, but continue to monitor and will update this notification as necessary.



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