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COVID-19 Advisory

by Michael Cole | Jan 11, 2021

To:                   All AirBorn Customers and Suppliers

From:               Cindy Lewis, CEO

Date:               January 11, 2021

Subject:           COVID-19 Impact Update


The health and safety of our teams, families, customers, suppliers and communities are of the utmost importance as we continue to battle the spread of COVID-19.  We continue to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization; along with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. This enables us to make well-informed decisions and take the right actions to help prevent the spread of the virus.

As a global community, we are all in uncharted waters, but we believe together we will persevere, and we are taking actions to help ensure any impact is short-lived.

AirBorn has undertaken the following efforts as we respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation:

  1. Our pandemic response team, comprised of senior leadership and local safety representatives, has been active since March 2020 and will remain active for the foreseeable future.
  2. We have implemented and educated our entire team on our multi-layered COVID-19 defense system protocols and best practices. Any required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is provided to all team members and visitors.
  3. We have retooled a number of our facilities by enhancing work areas with additional spacing and/or physical barriers to ensure social distancing.
  4. We have significantly increased our factory sanitization and hygiene guidance for team members. Otherwise, there have been no significant change in operations, supply chain, or customer scheduling as of this notice.  We continue to monitor this daily and will advise of any changes.
  5. We have implemented non-contact temperature screening solutions across all our facilities for employees and visitors alike.
  6. The majority of our exempt and indirect employees continue to work from home.
  7. As all sites provide DX-rated products to the U.S. federal government and allies, we have been informed by our military customers that AirBorn must remain open as a matter of national security.  Thus, it is our plan to continue running our manufacturing sites:
    1. as long as each site is deemed safe for our team members
    2. as long as our supply chain has no major disruptions, and
    3. pending any  directives to the contrary from the federal government. 
  8. We have implemented heightened visitor protocols restricting unscheduled and non-essential on-site visits. All scheduled visits are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Visitors will be screened in advance and may be denied entry to the facility based upon their travel history and/or COVID-19 symptomatology.  
  9. We are requiring anyone on personal international or cruise-ship travel:
    1. to self-quarantine  at home for 14 days after their return and
    2. be symptom free before returning to work after self-quarantine.
  10. International business travel is prohibited and we are limiting in-country travel to “essential only.”

We are staying in close contact with our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities; sharing information with each other and keeping communication lines open. It is impossible to forecast the impact of COVID-19, but we are working together with diligence and extra measures to help keep the impact minimized and short-lived. As with all of our team and business partners, we continue to monitor COVID-19 developments daily and will keep our customers and suppliers advised of any significant events.

AirBorn International: Compliance with the UK's guidance on working safely together

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