Circuit Board Automation

One of AirBorn's value-added services is providing customers with complete design-through-manufacturing of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies to meet their requirements.

We often work with customers that want to leverage our solution design experience but we also provide assembly automation services for customers with PCB designs already in-hand.


Value-Added Service

We use the phrase "value-added service" to describe our approach to providing our customers with a complete solution that matches their needs and requirements.

In some cases, this means supplying customers with one of our highly reliable standard connector products.  In others, it means supplying our customers with a complete chassis, or "box," that performs the function the customer desires.  AirBorn offers a wide range of products and services to meet either case or anything in-between.  To provide our customer with the best possible service, we offer turnkey solutions including:

In short, AirBorn is ONE company that can provide you with a complete, electronically-integrated solution.

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