Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our CM service produces a variety of products including printed circuit boards, wire processing, cable assembly, harnessing, fiber optics, box builds and much more.  We also offer complete turnkey product design to help decrease your time-to-market.


AirBorn’s engineering group specializes in new product design & development for OEMs across the globe. Our team of 50+ degreed engineers are the most innovative and committed working in the electronics manufacturing industry today.  At AirBorn, we like to say: AirBorn Engineering = Problem Solved®

Customers can leverage our design & manufacturing expertise throughout the entire product development process from conceptual design, prototyping, pilot-runs through to mass production.  Our team will work to get your project completed ahead of the competition.



The ability to quickly and efficiently produce a first generation prototype of your part will allow for more constructive time testing and demonstrating your designs.  We can produce a prototype of small quantities of parts in as little as 2-3 weeks. This normally includes tip and side coining in order to closely duplicate how your product will perform with permanent tooling.  Trust us to help you make your vision into reality.


We've developed an experienced team of the most innovative craftsmen in the industry.  When your tooling is designed and built within our in-house tool room, you can be assured the quality you see on the first run will be the same throughout the life of your product.

With our wire EDM machines, we can produce and stock the necessary replacement components to keep your tool running at peak performance for years. Our system of preventive maintenance allows us to continually drive your costs down through longer production runs.Tooling is the "heart" of any manufacturing process and this is especially true at AirBorn.



Throughout the years, our experience and expertise as precision metal stampers, along with our ability to effectively engineer solutions for intricate metal stampings, has secured our position as leaders in the field.  Our press equipment stamps precisely at high speeds with multi-out capability, utilizing loose or reeled products from a variety of materials.

For high-volume, tight-tolerance products, we offer 4-up stand-alone Class A carbide dies to handle millions of parts. For lower volumes, we offer a master frame tooling insert concept, which allows lower initial tooling cost and quicker start-up. AirBorn will internally specify tolerances that will be held on the stamping, while taking into account plating build-up, burr, camber, and twist — all of which have an impact.

Injection Molding

Whether our customers require plastic injection, insert, or reel-to-reel-molding, we meet their varied needs with our wide-ranging expertise. AirBorn uses closed-loop molding machines ranging from 30 to 50 tons with shot sizes as small as 0.4 ounces. Our injection molding department is capable of manufacturing products with extremely tight tolerances and dimensional needs. For smaller volumes, we use standard mud sets. When a customer needs high volume, we move to the stand-alone, multiple-cavity tooling to handle their needs and stay competitive on part cost. We also work with most thermoplastic materials, and are able to automate molds to accommodate molding of inserts.

Production Automation

AirBorn is bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technologies and today’s expectations. We are committed to the future of manufacturing with the introduction of leading-edge automation in both production and assembly.

We've developed the premier flexible, automated assembly cell, or FLEX for short. FLEX is perfect for shorter product lives or quick product changeovers. It can significantly reduce your capital expenses as well as your initial time-to-market for new products. Multiple projects can be run on a single machine.

Automation goes beyond just assembly applications at AirBorn. We have integrated the use of automated applications throughout our injection molding department allowing us to offer fully-automated insertion molding.

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