AirBorn's Accelerated Delivery Service

AirBorn's Accelerated Delivery Service (ADS)

OEMs Face Challenges

  • Program schedule delay
  • Production line-stop
  • Equipment failure in the field
  • Or any other critical situation!

Often a result of mis-planning, mis-forecasting, unexpected demand requirements, lower production yields, deadlines…

The Implications

  • Budget over-run
  • Lost business & revenue
  • Costly downtime
  • Reduced productivity
  • Unhappy customers

The need: A white-glove or personalized Accelerated Delivery Service

  • When standard lead times or expedite options just aren’t enough!
  • When the costs of not acting far outweigh the higher service costs
  • When guaranteed delivery within standard lead times, or 4 weeks (whichever is shorter) is critical

Our Solution: AirBorn’s ADS Program

  • An AirBorn “Concierge” is assigned
  • Order is visibly flagged and personally walked through from order to ship
  • Material availability is confirmed or expedited, at AirBorn’s expense
  • Production schedule is adjusted to accommodate rush service
  • Product is produced after hours or over weekends as needed

AirBorn’s ADS Program offers customers a real solution when roadblocks to production deadlines arise.  We can help you keep your programs on schedule and your customers happy and paying.  For more information about our ADS program and how we can help your business, please contact our Customer Service Team at (512) 863-5585 or visit our customer support page today!